संगठन चार्ट

संगठन चार्ट

Last Updated on:2017-02-13

DGOF & Chairman, OFB

Name : S C Bajpai
Joined IOFS on 1979-12-31
Chairman since 2017-02-01
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     Shri S C Bajpai, IOFS, took over as the Director General of Ordnance Factories (DGOF) and Chairman of Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) w.e.f. 1st February, 2017. Previously, he was Additional DGOF and Member at OFB and was in charge of Armoured Vehicles division.
    Shri Bajpai joined the Indian Ordnance Factories' organization in 1979. He carries an M Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from MDI, Gurugram. Shri Bajpai went to Cranefield University, United Kingdom for a Masters in Advance Manufacturing Technology and also made a sojourn to Russia for training in tank overhauling. He is a distinguished fellow of the National Defence College.
    In a career spanning over 37 years, he has contributed significantly in various capacities in Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur, Heavy Vehicles Factory Avadi, Field Gun Factory Kanpur, Gun & Shell Factory Cossipore, and Small Arms Factory Kanpur.
    He has been the General Manager of Ordnance Factory, Itarsi and Senior General Manager, Ordnance Factory Chanda before moving in as Addl DGOF, Armoured Vehicles Headquarters.



Name : Sunil Kumar Chourasia
Joined IOFS on 1981-03-25
Member since 2016-04-01
Email :


Name : N K Sinha
Joined IOFS on 1981-07-15
Member since 2016-06-13
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Member/TS & ENGG

Name : R Rajasekharan
Joined IOFS on 1981-10-14
Member since 2016-07-01
Email :


Name : P K Shrivastava
Joined IOFS on 1982-04-08
Member since 2016-08-18
Email :


Name : P W Ralegankar
Joined IOFS on 1982-07-05
Member since 2016-09-01
Email :


Name : Saurabh Kumar
Joined IOFS on 1982-07-15
Member since 2016-09-14
Email :


Name : M K Georgekutty
Joined IOFS on 1982-03-15
Member since 2016-10-06
Email :


Name : D K Shrivastava
Joined IOFS on 1982-09-01
Member since 2017-02-13
Email :


Name : R N Dash
Joined IDAS on 1986
Member since 2017-02-01
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