The NBC recce vehicle will be used by the recce teams of NBC specialist units in a formation to carry out recce survey, detection, monitoring and marking of contaminated areas and transmit this information to the formation. The crew should be able to operate without moving out of the protection provided by this vehicle. This vehicle is intended to be used in plains and desert terrain.

It is a BMP variant with the following features :
Control Console
Advanced Land Navigation System (ALNS)
Star-V radio set for communication
Communication link Controller (CLC)
Pocket Dosimeter (PDM)
Personal Decontamination Apparatus (PDA)
Portable Dose Rate Meter (PDRM)
Solid State Anemometer
Radiac Meter Personal Locket (RPL) Dosimeter
Portable Gas Chromatograph
Residual Vapour Detection (RVD) Kit
First Aid Kit
Explosive type picket driving System
Scooping Device
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