Tent Arctic Large MK-2
Plinth Area 670 cm x 980 cm
Pitching Area 1025 cm x 1310 cm
Height Overall 360 cm
Effective Height 335 cm
  Main Basic Materials Spec.No.
1. Duck Cotton 612 gms Dual Shade(O.G/White) W.P.91 cm IS : 1422
2. Dosooti Scoured 91 cm IS : 179
3. Flannelette Lining Brown 69/71 cm IS : 174
This is a dual shaded, reversible, conical rectangular Tent. This mainly consists of
1. Fly Outer (Made from Duck Cotton 612 gms) D/S, White O.G.
2. Liner inner (Made from Dosooti (Scoured).
3. Walls (This consists of two parts made from double layer of Flannelette Lining Brown), Fly Outer and Inner Liners are provided with two doors duly curtained and two ventilators at the top. 12 windows are provided in the Fly Outer, Inner Liner and both the walls. For covering curtains and frames celluloid panes are provided for windows and ventilator (optional). Two protectors made from cloth asbestos are provided for use under the two stoves heating (one under each). Two Poles standing, One Ridge Pole, 26 Side Poles, 26 Tent Pins Angle Iron and One Hammer Sledge Double faced 3 kg. are used to install/erect the Tent tensioned with the help of 26 Guy Ropes.

This is used in snow/green vegetation terrain in high altitudes and extreme cold climates for accommodation/office purpose.

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