Light Weight Web Equipment
Web equipment is made from light weight cotton webbing. The equipment has been provided with facilities for carrying personal arms and ammunition and also other items.

The set consists of the following items :

  • Belt waist (in three sizes)
  • Carrier water bottle
  • Frog bayonet
  • Haversack all ranks
  • Pack
  • Pouches basic
  • Strap haversacks right & left
  • Pack for supporting
  • Yoke for utility pouches.
    Web equipment are of two types :
    Container Type
    These items are designed to keep and carry small arms, ammunition, articles of food and clothing and other necessities of soldiers during marching and fighting order, such as, pack, haversack all rank, carrier water bottle and frog bayonet.
    Supporting Holding Type
    These items serve the purpose of holding and supporting the above mentioned web equipment and help them to remain in their respective positions during marching and fighting order of the soldiers, such as, belt waist, strap haversack left and right, pack for supporting and yoke for utility pouches.
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