Infantry Combat Kit Pouches Ammunition
Hexagonal in shape. Have four pockets to house any type of magazines. Each pocket has two flaps for covering so that magazines do not fall while crawling. Two grenade pockets along with magazine pockets. Two extra grenade pockets on shoulder straps. Velcro provided for quick release. Two secret pockets for carrying maps etc. – at the back and under the magazine pockets. Provided with two long straps for fastening at waist passing over shoulders crosswise. Metal fitting like buckles etc. made from Aluminium Alloy anodized Black.



Sl.No Materials Specification
1 Nylon Fabric 250 GSM Polyurethane Coated Disruptive Printed DMSRDE/T&GS/89/377 (C)
2 Tape Nylon Various Width And Thickness Olive Green DMSRDE/T&GS/92/403
3 Velcro (Loop & Hook) 50mm Olive Green IS: 8156
4 Thread Sewing Nylon B.S.7.21 Kgs IS : 4229
5 Metal Components Of Aluminium Alloy Anodised Black IS: 737 Grade 53000 Condition H1
6 Polyurethane Foam 8 mm Thick IS: 7933
Carrying ammunitions and Grenade during Combat Operations.
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