Tent Arctic Small Mk 2
This Tent consists of textile decking & Aluminium Alloy frame work, which is constructed by the repeated usage of small no. of components. Outer fly of the Tent is made of single fold of strong WP & RP Canvas and mounted over the Metallic Frame work. Inner fly is made of single fold of Dosootie green which is a strong yet ventile fabric. It is hung inside the Metallic Frame work by means of metal clips with elastic cords. End curtain is made of single fold of a strong waterproof & Rot proof Canvas and is lined on inner side with a fold of Dosootie green. Textile decking is supported by the frame work which is an assembly of Aluminium Alloy components like universal member, Roof pole with three way joints, Four way joints and Three way joints with Base plate. In addition to the above, minor Metal components are also required for pitching of the tent such as Cross Bracings, U' Pin, Angle iron Pins and Carbon Steel Pins.
Plinth Area :2.135 x 1.905 Mtrs Pitching Area

:4.190 x 3.660 Mtrs

Overall Height :1.07 Mtrs Effective Height

:0.990 Mtrs


7.9 Kgs. (Total)

6.3 +/- 0.05 Kgs. (Textile material)

1.6 Kgs. (Metal Components)
0.5 Kgs. (Hammer for pitching)

8.4 Kgs. (Complete set)

Main basic materials:
Fabric Cotton Closely Woven 170 Gms Dual Shade W.R.

Cotton Fabric Scoured 60 Gms For S.D. Parachute

Rubberised Fabric For Tent Flooring


This Tent consists of Fly outer, Inner & Ground Sheet. Fly outer is made from Cloth Fabric Cotton Closely Woven 170 Gms Dual Shade W.R.. This has One door & Three windows. This Fly is reversible and can be used in snow white areas at high altitude as well as Green vegetation terrains. Liner inner is made from Cotton Fabric for Supply Dropping Parachute Scoured Type 1. Liner inner is attached to the Fly outer with the help of tying tapes. Ground Sheet is made from Fabric rubberised for Tent flooring. Eyelets Aluminum Alloy No. 24 are clinched at equal distance at periphery. In addition the following components are provided for pitching of the Tents.

  • Pole side (Aluminum Alloy) - 2 nos.
  • Pole standing (Aluminum Alloy) - 1 nos.
  • Pin Tent Carbon Steel Small - 15 nos.
  • Ball Pen Hammer (500 Gms) - 1 nos.

    This is a rectangular based tent and is used in snow white and green vegetation terrains in cold climates. Tent can be easily folded and kept in respective Carrying Bag so that it can be carried easily.

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