High Ankle Boot for Paratroopers


High Ankle Boot for Paratroopers has been specially designed for paratroopers. This Boot has added features of desired comfort, cushioning effect and Speed Lacing System.


Technical Features:

Five numbers of Aluminium Passivated Eyelets and four numbers of Brass Hooks have been provided for easy Donning.

Nylon fabric PU coated 250 GMS and PU Foam has been used for better comfort and cushioning effect.



Weight of one pair of size 8 is 1570 gms.


Basic Material:

Upper Part:

Buff Chrome Tanned Plain Leather

For vamp and counter portions

PU Coated Nylon Fabric Disruptive 250 GMS

For quarters and tongue portions

Tape Nylon OG Thick 25 mm.

For reinforcement at quarters.

PU Foam 10 mm.

For cushioning at quarters and opening

Combination Tanned lining Leather

For inner lining

Bottom Part:

Buff Vegetable Tanned Sole Leather

For insole, toe puff and stiffener

Vulcanised Rubber through DMS system

For sole and heel

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