Blanket Barrack Natural Grey
Blanket Barrack Natural Grey is used by armed personnel for General purpose in winter season.
Technical Parameters
The Blanket Barrack is made from 100% virgin wool finished Blanket of 2.3 meter length and 1.5 meter width with 2.7 kg weight. Blanket made of 2/2 twill Weave, milled and raised finish.

Main Basic Material/Garniture

Specification Details

1. Yarn woollen 450 Tex Natural Grey
Fineness grade of wool grade- 38 Micron Composition: 100% virgin Wool
Performance Characteristics

Provides adequate warmth to the troops in cold climate.

Shelf Life : Seven Years.
Blanket Dark Green

Blanket Dark Green is intended for use by troop during cold weather. This blanket is likely to replace Blanket Barrack Natural Grey general purpose. The Blanket is made from woollen yarn using 80:20 blend of wool & Nylon

Technical Parameters
The Blanket is 230 cm long & 150 cm wide with finished mass of 2.30 Kg. Weave- 2/2 Twill type of finished-milled & raised.

Main Basic Material/Garniture

Specification Details

1. Yarn woollen 240 Tex Natural Green
Composition: 100% virgin Wool
Fineness of wool 64s
Performance Characteristics

Light weight smoother blanket having adequate warmth.

Shelf Life : Five Years .
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