Socks Woollen Lycra
Socks Woollen Lycra is made of Yarn Woollen 30 Tex/2 OG. It is light weighted heavy complete brief on foot for extra smoothness and comfort. It is intended for use by troops during cold weather.
Technical Parameters
Basic Yarn is Yarn Woollen 30 Tex/2 OG with Nylon & Elastomer/Spandex . Socks are provided with extra Nylon plating at heel & toe for elasticity and grip with construction and sandwich terry pile.

Main Basic Material/Garniture

Specification Details

1. Yarn woollen 30 Tex /2 OG
Fineness of wool 64s
Prov. Specu. No. S/5570/Vest Wollen FS/TC - 12
Performance Characteristics

Comfortable and provides adequate warmth with close to body fitting.

Shelf Life : ½ year.
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