Nuclear Biological & Chemical Suit Permeable provides sufficient protection against chemical warfare & limited protection against radio active fallout dust. This suit consists of a Trouser and Jacket and can be used directly over the under garments. The suit is permeable and allows evaporation of sweat .
Basic Material Details
The suit is made in 4 sizes i.e. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and consists
of following three layers of fabrics:-

Outer Layer

Fabric Nylon FC-FR Treated 95 gm. OG.

Middle Layer Active Charcoal Coated Non Woven Fabric.
Third Layer Fabric Cotton 50 gm. OG.
Physical Characteristics

The suit is used with the following complimentary protective items :

2. A. NBC Overboots .
B. NBC Respirator Integrated Hood Mask.
C. NBC Gloves.
D. NBC Facelet .
3. Outer fabric is water repellent
4. When used for sustained period suit is permeable to air and water vapour .
5. The main outer fabric is Flame Retardant.i.e. self extinguishing type.
6. The design provides for minimum contamination transfer during removal.
7. Suit is effective in temperature ranging from -35º C to +55º C.
8. In normal field shelter, the shelf life in its original packing of the suit is 5 to 7 years.
9. Provides for rapid removal and donning by the individual himself without
any assistance from others.
10. Has fasteners at the wrist and waist and bottom of trousers.
11. Has an arrangement to prevent garment riding up when wearer bends down
12. The material of the NBC Suit provides continuous protection for a period of 24 hours after being contaminated with chemical agent vapour .
13. It is able to be decontaminated at least twice.
14 It is washable.
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