Cover Water Proof

Weight of complete store



9.1 x 9.1 M2

62 kgs approx.

5.5 x 4.5 M2

18 kgs approx.




Cloth Duck Cotton 610 gms O.G.W.P. 91 cm

IS : 422 (Variety No.2)

This is made from Cloth Duck Cotton 610 gms specially proofed. This is stitched with Sewing Cotton 165d Tex/27 O.G in such a way that the centre panel remains at the top and the adjacent panels are under it and remaining panels are subsequently stitched in the same manner to maintain proper drainage for water. The all round hem is in three folds to enable the Cover to bear the tension when stretched. One Eyelet at each corner and overall 40/28 Eyelets with turnover washer at equal distance are clinched. One Rope 1.25 Metre long (12 mm dia.) is passed through the Eyelet at each corner for handling/tying the corner. The Rope is spliced with the Eyelet and fine end is whipped and tacked by three stitches.

This is multipurpose general Cover used to save the materials particularly from rains.

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