Meant for use in Glacier / Extreme cold. It is used as a link between Trousers bottom and shoes mouth to provide protection against ingress of Ice & Water in Glacier Region.
Basic Material
a. Fabric Nylon, PU Coated, 250 GSM White
b. Tape Elastic White (50 mm, 25 mm & 15 mm Wide)
c. Synthetic (Plastic) Slide Fasteners – special purpose, 45 cm end heavy duty white.
d. Metallic Fittings (including Leather Strip)
e. Sewing thread Nylon White.
General Description
Polyurethane coated surface of the fabric is kept inward. The two pieces of rectangular shape are joined together longitudinally by two rows of machine stitching. Tape elastic white 50 mm, tape elastic 15 mm and tape elastic 25 mm wide are stitched at the top, middle and bottom portion respectively by single row of machine stitching to form puckering. Synthetic (plastic) slide fastener 45 cm open end heavy duty is stitched at both the ends of Gaiters longitudinally by two rows of machine stitching keeping zip towards bottom. Metallic fitting (Buckle, Hook, Strip and Wire etc.) and leather strip is fitted at appropriate places of the gaiters.
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