“FUEL EFFICIENT AYUDH BUKHARI” is compact in size, lighter in weight, more fuel efficient, aesthetically beautiful, environment friendly and user friendly. It has been possible by using specially designed wick, burner mechanism & wick lifting mechanism. The specially designed wick and burner mechanism ensures optimum burning of oil through complete combustion of oil resulting in maximum burning efficiency. The design of heater body & top cover ensures uniform spreading and maximum distribution of heat to the place of use. The wick lifting mechanism ensures efficient control of rate of heating by the simple twisting of the knob and also enhance the life of wick. The integrated fuel tank ensures automatic lifting of fuel to the wick through “Capillary Action” and gives user the comfort of “FILL AND FORGET”. No smoke and odour making it environment friendly and popular with troops. The coating used is a special type heat resistant coating, which doesn’t loose its property even at higher temperature.
Better Fuel efficiency


Adequate heating
User comfort
Free from danger
Weight : 11.0 Kgs. Approx.
Design Features
a. Integrated double walled Tank : Integral part of heater avoiding extra space and fuel control mechanism.
b. Auto Ignition Mechanism : Battery operated mechanism which is an additional facility given to user for easy operation.
c. Fuel Indicator : Gives the indication of fuel level inside the oil tank.
d. Specially designed Burner : Ensures optimum air and fuel mixture for efficient combustion of fuel.
e. Wick lifting Mechanism : It facilitates user comfortable to initial ignition of Bukhari, control the heat and extend the life of wick.
f. Quick Shut off Mechanism : For quick putting off the Bukhari.
g. Fiberglass Wick with Graphite Top : Key component of Bukhari. It’s graphite top ensures maximum combustion of fuel & air mixture without affecting its life.
h. Sight glass : Two sight glasses provided to monitor the flame.
i. Safety Grill : Nickel plated special safety guard to prevent accidental contact burn.
j. Heat resistant coating :
Special type of heat resistant coating, which endures even in higher temperature without losing its aesthetic beauty.
k. Handle : Nickel plated handle for easy carrying & handling.
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