Bag Kit Disruptive Waterproof with Stroller (Duffle Bag)
The Bag Kit Disruptive Waterproof with Stroller (Duffle Bag) is distinctly different from presently in use Bag Kit Universal in size and features. Superior quality of material i.e. Fabric Nylon 395 GSM Disruptive Pattern is used to withstand Rain/Water as well as better outlook. This newly designed bag has got features like easy to use and convenient to carry with trolley.
Special Features
A Bag with sufficient space to keep personal belonging.

Side pockets provided with plastic slide fastener for keeping personal small items.

Straps shoulder provided for carrying the bag on the shoulders.
Two wider Straps with foam cushion provided for easy carrying by hand also.
A Heavy-duty detachable hand trolley with compass needle and extended platform is provided for easy movement and direction.
Camouflage Pattern of Durable Fabric Nylon.
Weight : 3.8 kgs approx with stroller
Technical features
Protection against rain & water.

Easy to use.

Easy to carry.
1. Fabric Nylon Disruptive 395 GSM P.U. Coated.
2. Tapes Nylon Thick/Thin O.G.
3. Plastic Slide Fastener Heavy Duty O.G.
4. Nylon Sewing Thread for Aerospace purpose.
5. PE Foam.
6. Heavy Duty Hand Trolley.
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