LMG 5.56 mm INSAS (Fixed Butt)
The weapon is used for providing covering fire during assault by infantry.

LMG 5.56 mm is a gas operated weapon with rotating bolt locking system which can fire in S.S./Auto system.
Nomenclature Unit LMG 5.56 mm INSAS (Fixed Butt)
Calibre mm 5.56
Wt. w/o Magazine kg 6.23
Wt. w/loaded Magazine kg 6.73
Length Overall mm 1050
Barrel length mm 535
Sight Radius mm 475
Magazine Capacity Rds 30
Fire selection Rds SS/Auto
Rate of fire (cyclic) Rpm 650
Effective range m 700
Muzzle velocity m/s 925
Muzzle energy J 1780
Recoil energy J 2.75
The system is provided with mechanical & applied safety.
General Characteristics of LMG 5.56 mm INSAS
i. Light weight weapon
ii. Commonality of parts amongst the LMG and Rifle, 5.56 mm INSAS.
iii. Weapon is very compact, easy to handle, operate and simple to maintain.
iv. Weapon robust enough to withstand rough usage.

Furniture made of Plastic materials

vi. Foldable Butt version also available to suit paratroopers.
vii. Barrel Bore Chrome plated for high Barrel life and ease of maintenance.
viii. Provided with mount for day light telescope & passive night sight.
ix. Provision for mounting on tripod on armed vehicles for Anti-Air Craft role & Monopod for fixed line firing.
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