Sub Machine Gun Carbine 9 mm 2A1 (Silent Version)
Sub-Machine Gun 9 mm, Carbine 2A1 is a special purpose weapon for use in clandestine roles. It is fitted with a silencer unit at the front of the barrel which is easily replaceable. It is operated by spent case projection or blow back action. The sound of explosion is effectively reduced by expansion of gases through the drilled holes of the barrel and is controlled through the silencer unit. When fired, it produces only the mechanical sound of moving parts. It is a light-weight easy to handle weapon, capable of automatic firing.
Calibre 9 mm

Length with Butt

902 mm

Length with Folded Butt

698 mm

Length of Barrel

Bore Dia High -
Bore Dia Low -
8.89 mm
8.814 mm

Nos. of Grooves



Right Hand

Pitch of Rifling

1 turn in 250 mm
Weight of Weapon with loaded Magazine and Sling

4.76 Kgs

Weight of Weapon with Empty Magazine

4.00 Kgs

Type of sight used with Range Setting

Fore Sight

Adjustable Fore Sight

Back Sight

Aperture Peep Type

Range Setting

91.44 M to 182.88 M

Effective Range

27.34 M (30 Yds)

Maximum Range

91.44 M (100 Yds)

System of Operation

Blow back self loading type

Type of Magazine


Magazine capacity

34 Rounds

Weight of Empty Magazine

0.280 Kg

Weight of Full Magazine

0.688 Kg

Cyclic Rate of fire per minute

150 rounds

Rate of Fire single per minute

68 rounds

Type of Bayonet used


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