.30 - 06 Sporting Rifle
.30 - 06" Sporting Rifle is a precision & accurate Bolt Action Refle incorporating the latest modular design and ergonomics features. The weapon uses 0.30" Rimless ammunition and provided with adjustable Rear & Foresight. Dovetail for accommodating optical sight can be mounted on the top of Body of the Rifle. The weapon has also provided with positive mechanical safety.
Calibur 0.30"

Bolt Type

Direct Lug Locking with the Barrel

Total Length

1125 mm

Chrome Flash with 4 Grooves

Trigger Pull

1.5 Kg (Max)

Magazine Capacity 3 Rounds
Weight 3.0 Kg
(I) Fore Sight
(II) Rear Sight

Adjustable ramp type
Adjustable ramp type from 100m to 400m graduation in step of 100m
Range 400 m
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