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   GUN  & SHELL FACTORY was established in 1801 in the name of GUN CARRIAGE AGENCY by the EAST INDIA COMPANY for repair and manufacture of Gun Carriages.  The transformation from bullock-driven contrivances of Gun Carriage Agency to that of a maker of sophisticated weapon systems is an absorbing story of technological advancement in consonance with developments in modern military hardware.  Now, it is a full fledged Engineering Factory engaged in manufacturing of Ammunition hardware and Ordnance stores for Army, Navy and other Civil Sectors.   Supply to ARMY covers medium caliber guns, Mortars, Elevating Mass for L-70 Anti-Aircraft Gun, 84 mm. Rocket Launcher, medium caliber shells ranging from 30 to 125 mm, various types of Fuzes and primers. 



The historical Land marks and development of the factory are as follows: 

1801  Land procured to build a factory.


1802(18thMarch) Established Gun Carriage Agency for manufacture and repair of Gun carriages.


 1830Shifting of  Gun Foundry from Fort William and abolition of Gun Carriage Agency and renaming the factory as


Gun  Foundry.
1832Change over from Bullock Driven machines to Steam Driven



1840Production of both Brass and Iron Guns Established.
1872Establishment of Shell Production & renaming as Foundry & Shell Factory.


1880Establishment of Fuze Section.


1892Quality Steel production in bulk started first time in India.   


1896Establishment of Rolling Mill.


1905Shifting Furnaces and Rolling Mill shifted to Ishapore. Renamed as Gun & Shell Factory.


1908Changeover from Steam to Electricity driven machinery.


1927Apprentice Scheme started.


1939Outbreak of World War II; Annexing of  Dum Dum

Workshop to

Gun & Shell Factory, Cossipore.


1958Tractor Project started.


1962Production of Anti Aircraft Guns started.


1964Dum Dum was setup as an independent unit.


1965Tractor Project transferred to BEML.


1998Establishment of 23 mm Pressure Barrel, 30 mm Ballistic


Barrel, 9 mm Sub Caliber Barrel and AK-230 GunComponents (Naval).


1999Establishment of 12.7 mm Air Defence Gun & 0.32? Pistol.


2002Completion of 200 years of Factory, The first Factory within the Ordnance organisation to get ISO 9001-2000 certification.


2003Establishment of production of Shell 30mm. HE/T, 51 mm  Mortar.


2004Establishment of  production of Bomb 81 mm HE,


Bomb 51 mm  HE and 40mm. PFFC Shell .

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