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Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, Nagpur is a premier factory in the family of 40 Ordnance Factories. Its corporate office is ORDNANCE FACTORY BOARD located at KOLKATA. The factory is engaged in the manufacture of Ammunition Hardware viz Shells,Cartridge cases,Fuzes & Primers,Castings & Extrusion of Special Al. Alloys and Fabrication of Floating & Mannually Launched Assult Bridges.


Subsequent to the Border Agression in 1962, there was greater emphasis in Policy Planning in the Ministry of Defence towards self reliance and self sufficiency in the field of Defence Production. Thereafter a number of Ordnance Factories were established and Ordnance Factory Ambajhari is one of them. Govt. of India however sanctioned the project in two phases to purchase Plant & Machinery in March & October 1966.


Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, Nagpur is situated on the outskirts of Nagpur city, at a distance of 16 kms from Nagpur Railway Station, on Nagpur - Amrawati road (National Highway No.- 6). Nagpur is on the Air Map of the country too.


Ordnance Factories are treated as the fourth arm of Defence. Ordnance Factory Ambajhari is under Ordnance Factory Board, Kolkata, which comes under the Department of Defence Production in the Ministry of Defence. Chairman Ordnance Factory Board and Director General Ordnance Factories, Kolkata is Head of the Family of Ordnance Factories and operates through various Members /Addl.DGOF's of various divisions at Corporate level.

General Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the Factory. At the unit level,General Manager operates, kepping in view the overall corporate policy and objective.

The factory is divided into three functional areas based on the production technology.Each is headed by an Additional General Managers, Works Managers, Asst. Works Managers and Junior Works Managers. These divisions are termed as Cost Centres. They are as under.

  • Shell Cost Centre: This comprises of two sections, viz Shell Forge & Shell Machine Shops.
  • Fuze & Cartridge Case Cost Centre: This comprises of two sections, viz Fuze Shop and Cartridge Case Shop.
  • Non Ferrous Cost Centre: This comprises of four sections, viz Foundry, Extrusion, Die Casting and Bridge Shops.
  • In addition, central functions like Engineering(Maintenance) Division, Stores Division, Personnel Division, Planning are also headed by Addl. General Manager.

Factory is producing mainly Ammunition Hardware and Al. Alloy Bridges intended for Armed Forces. Out major Customers are our Sister Factories who are engaged in filling these with explosives and after Proof Testing, issue to the consignee. The Bridges are directly supplied to Army.

The Factory is also producing Special Aluminium Alloys to meet the requirement of Air Craft Industry and Space application. These are basically import substitutes. Our Major customers in these field are HAL Bangalore, ADA Bangalore, ISRO, DRDO, LPSC etc.

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