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RAIPUR, DEHRADUN – 248 008 (Uttrakhand)

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On behalf of President of India, General Manager, OPTO Electronics Factory, Raipur, Dehradun-248 008 (Uttrakhand) INDIA, invites application on plain paper (firm’s Letter Head) for purchase of tender documents (to be submitted in 02 bid system) from reputed Manufacturer/Trader/Dealers of the items shown below.

S. No.

Tender Reference No. 

Tender description/Title

Brief description of the items





Dated 14-08-2010

Block VV to drg. No.

IUMK468151002 for Block-D

Supply unit of the Laser emitting device of Laser Range Finder & serves for charging of accumulating condenser to 1250V.




Dated 14-08-2010

Block PL
to drg. No.

AL5008009 for Block-D

Delivers high voltage pulses for ignition of Laser emitting device.




Dated 14-08-2010

Control Unit to drg. No.

AL5139107 for Block-D

Used for monitoring & controlling the various signals used for the operation of Laser Range Finder.




Dated 14-08-2010

Stabilizing Unit to drg. No.

AL2564007 for 1A43 FCS.

Provides two-axis stabilization to line of sight of a Gunner’s day sight integrated with Fire Control System.




Dated 14-08-2010

Gyromotor, GA7/30A as per

Spec. no. BL2561005 TU

Part of Stabilizing Unit which is used for providing two-axis stabilization in Gunner sight.




Dated 14-08-2010

High Wattage Indicating Lamp

(Bulb OPMT-26-15) as per spec. no. TY16535662-77

Frosted Lamp of 15W having 150 lm flux (approx.) operated through 27V DC source.




Dated 14-08-2010

BG29-4S to drg./spec. No.


DC driver used for driving the Electric Motor of Commander Hatch Control System in traverse.




Dated 14-08-2010

BG-29 to drg./spec. No.

BG29.000 TU

DC driver used for driving the Electric Motor of Commander Hatch Control System in vertical.


Tender Fee/Documents cost:- Rs. 1000.00 and EMD:- Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two lakhs)

Important dates for the tender are as under:-

a.          The bid documents are available for purchase from             : 18-09-2010 to 18-10-2010

b.          Pre-Bid conference to be held in OLF, Dehradun                  : 07-10-2010 at 10.00 AM

c.          Bid submission (Tech. and Price) date and Time                              : 25-10-2010 till 3.00 PM

d.         Bid opening (Tech. Bid) date and time                                                        : 25-10-2010 at 3.00 PM onwards

e.          Price Bid opening date will be intimated in due course.

All other relevant details, terms and conditions etc. are available on website www.tenders.gov.in which can be accessed by entering “Tender Description” for each item as shown above in the “Search” facility given at the home page of the website or can be asked through email olf.ofb@nic.in.  Any amendment/corrigendum to this OTE shall be issued on the website only.  



1.0          The firm must indicate its status as Manufacturer or Trader/Dealer in the applications. The   trader/Dealer must indicate their likely source of supply i.e. the OEM properly along with details of infrastructure available with the OEM.

2.0          Vendors are required to submit application along with following information to prove their  capability and capacity:

2.1          Financial standing through latest ITCC annual report (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss account) for the last 3 years.  

2.2          Financial Document submitted by the vendor should also reflect the expenditure on R&D.

2.3          Execution of high value projects in the last four years for the similar items.

2.4          Copies of registration certificates with OFs/DGQA/Other Govt. Department.

3.0         In addition, firms should submit following details of their technical capability to design, develop and execute the project in time based manner.


3.1         Electronic Design infrastructure including trained manpower, software for designing, simulation, analysis etc.


3.2         Research and Development facilities availability including technical manpower of R&D Engineers.  Preference will be given to vendors having Govt. recognized R&D facilities.


3.3         Manufacturing facilities including machines, capacity, clean room facility for electronic assembly etc.


3.4          Inspection and testing facilities in the field of electronic and mechanical systems for Defence Land Systems.     


3.5                   Quality systems certification(s); vendor should preferably be ISO-9001 certified.




1.            The application should also be enclosed with crossed Demand Draft (Non-refundable) payable in favour of The General Manager, OPTO ELECTRONICS FACTORY, Raipur, Dehradun - 248 008 (Uttrakhand) INDIA towards cost of bid documents as given above.  Please indicate name & address of the bank and account number on request letter.


2.            Before the last date for receipt of the application for bid documents, OLF will organize a pre-bid conference so as to explain technical details of the items on the tender. The pre-bid conference is open to all prospective vendors, but not mandatory condition for applying for the bid documents.


3.          The offers from the bidders’ should be submitted in two parts viz. TECHNICAL BID and COMMERCIAL BID separately. The detailed bidding instructions will be issued with the bid document. The validity of the offers should be not less than 180 days from the date of opening of bids.


4.          Vendor are required to submit duly filled Vendor registration request form (VRRF) with the technical bid, which can be down loaded from website http://ofbindia.gov.in (under policies). However, the Vendors who are already registered with any of the ordnance factories for similar items and received 30 digit registration number need not submit the VRRF as stated above. Such vendor will have to submit copy of the registration certificate.


5.           Non-transferable Bid documents shall be sent by Post to all those, whose application duly complete as per para A(1) above are received on or before the due date. The Bid Documents can also be obtained “BY HAND” by submitting duly completed application for the same.  The firm must ensure timely submission of the bids on its due date & time by its own means as OLF will not be responsible for any postal delay.


6.            Bidders are required to furnish EMD of amount specified above along with the TECHNICAL BID, in the form of Demand Draft or Bank Guarantee valid for a period of 06 (six) months from the date of issue, payable to the General Manager, OPTO ELECTRONICS FACTORY, Raipur, Dehradun - 248 008 (UA) INDIA. 


7.          The supply order shall be placed on the firm whose commercial offer stands Lowest-1 (L1) if the technical offer’s found to be meeting all the technical parameters. The L1 firm of the above items is required to supply the items within 90 days from the date of placement of supply order or opening of Letter of Credit, as the case may be, along with GC/WC, Inspection Certificate, Country of Origin Certificate etc.


8.           Supply should be of current manufacturing. The firm shall warranty the stores to be free of defects in materials and workmanship within the drg./specification on each item for a usage period of 12 (Twelve) months from the date of receipt of stores by OLF. If during this period any of the stores are found defective, the same shall be replaced by the Supplier immediately, free of cost at the consignee’s depot inclusive of all freight and handling charges. Consignee shall have a right to recover these charges from any payment due to the Contractor under any valid Contract.


9.            General Manager, OPTO Electronics Factory, Dehradun reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the applications without assigning any reason thereof.










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