About OFB

Indian Ordnance Factories is a giant industrial setup which functions under the Department of Defence Production of the Ministry of Defence. Indian Ordnance Factories, headquartered at Kolkata, is a conglomerate of 41 Factories, 9 Training Institutes, 3 Regional Marketing Centres and 4 Regional Controller of Safety.
Today OFB along with its 41 factories spread over India provide
  • a broad and versatile production base with multi-technology capabilities
  • state of the art manufacturing facilities
  • large reservoir of skilled and professionally qualified manpower and managerial personnel
  • strict adherence to  quality standard (all the units are ISO-9000 certified)
  • original as well as adaptive research & development to make need based refinement and modifications
  • project engineering capability
  • a strong base for industrial training facilities
  • ready market access due to convenient location