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Assault Fixed Butt

5.56 mm Assault Rifle (Fixed Butt)

  • Out come of the untiring effort of a dedicated group of design engineers, this light weight Assault rifle is intended for use by Infantry operating without continuous logistic support and in adverse conditions as in jungles, mountains and difficult terrain.
  • This gas operated special elite weapon has a unique feature in respect of its mode of firing and safety.
  • The Rifle can fire in single shot, three round burst and also automatic mode. A simple action of lever change situated conveniently provides applied safety.
  • Additional mechanical safety is provided by means of Safety Sear and built-in 'delay' in breech mechanism.
  • This is versatile and compact weapon. Exceptional ease of assembly and dismantling, chrome plated barrel and chrome plated pin firing give the weapon distinct advantages over similar weapons available world over. It is robust and can withstand rough handling.
  • It has unparalleled accuracy and its chamber is compatible with NATO ammunition SS 109 & M 193.
  • It is fitted with simple mount for sighting aids such as Passive Night Sight/Daylight Telescope.
  • Furniture items are made of impact resistant Plastics and vapocured in leaf brown/ black colour. Its attractive looks inspire confidence.
  • Magazines are made of transparent plastic (UV stabilised pre-coloured poly carbonate Resin) with 20 Rds. Capacity.
  • This Rifle is supplied with a multi purpose Bayonet and its Eliminator Flash is designed to adopt Blank Firing & Grenade Launching attachment.

Calibre 5.56 mm
Length of weapon

960 mm

Weight of weapon

Without magazine :: 4.15 kg.
Without magazine :: 4.15 kg.
With full magazine

4.5 kg.
Recoil Energy

4.45 Joules


Chrome plated
PNS/Day light Telescope Provided

Range 400 m

Mode of Firing Single shot, three round burst and automatic- Gas operated.